Quiet Hacker News

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  3. Surgery for Blocked Arteries Is Often Unwarranted, Researchers Find (nytimes.com)
  4. “That Deep Romantic Chasm”: Libertarianism and the Computer Culture (1999) (uvm.edu)
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  7. CVE-2019-1347: When a mouse over a file is enough to crash your system (blog.tetrane.com)
  8. The Mind of a Mathematician (paw.princeton.edu)
  9. An Attempt to Recreate the Blender 2.8 ToolBox in Qt5 (github.com)
  10. NASA finds Neptune moons locked in 'dance of avoidance' (phys.org)
  11. Internet in Iran gradually shuttting down due to protests (twitter.com)
  12. 11 months of a lone wolf's 2,774 miles traveled in northern Minnesota (brilliantmaps.com)
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  17. New AI System Predicts Seizures (spectrum.ieee.org)
  18. Robert Graves' Mythologies (lareviewofbooks.org)
  19. A Go contract design combining the strong points of official draft v1 and v2 (github.com)
  20. Cheese Makers Keeping Monterey Jack’s Local Legend Alive (atlasobscura.com)
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  22. A Week with Chauffeurs Showed the Major Flaw in a Self-Driving Car Future (jalopnik.com)
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  29. The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann (medium.com)
  30. Difference Between Fault Tolerance, High Availability, Disaster Recovery (2014) (pbenson.net)