Quiet Hacker News

  1. Fuchsia OS Introduction (bzdww.com)
  2. Twitter forces all new users to enter a valid phone number (sucky.ninja)
  3. Google removed my ads-free app for “deceptive ads” (purpleleafsoftware.com)
  4. We improved Tensorflow Serving performance by over 70% (mux.com)
  5. Interviews with developers who became managers (devtomanager.com)
  6. UK Releases 130 Terabytes of Oil and Gas Data (spe.org)
  7. Handsontable drops open source for a non-commercial license (github.com)
  8. Why Are Creators Paying for TikTok’s Mistake? (eff.org)
  9. How the Brain Links Gestures, Perception and Meaning (quantamagazine.org)
  10. Name It, and They Will Come (overreacted.io)
  11. Why we think giant pterosaurs could fly (2018) (markwitton-com.blogspot.com)
  12. Kroki – Convert plain text diagrams to images (kroki.io)
  13. EFI Boot Application in C# (github.com)
  14. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (2012) (10print.org)
  15. Convert Markdown to PDF only using browser (md2pdf.netlify.com)
  16. The Adult Brain Does Grow New Neurons After All, Study Says (scientificamerican.com)
  17. Kubernetes 1.14 released (kubernetes.io)
  18. WeWork’s Annual Loss Doubles to Nearly $2B Amid Rapid Expansion (wsj.com)
  19. Flexport is hiring software engineers in Chicago (flexport.com)
  20. Reading list and exam for "Conflict, Coalition and Strategy", Schelling (1970) (irwincollier.com)
  21. The Siren Song of Little Languages (wilfred.me.uk)
  22. No Man’s Sky’s next update will let you explore infinite space in VR (techcrunch.com)
  23. Fixing the Internet for Games (gafferongames.com)
  24. Linux touchpad like a Macbook: progress and a call for help (public.amplenote.com)
  25. Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Close to Approval (nytimes.com)
  26. Apple announces Apple Card credit card (theverge.com)
  27. Thoughts on Conway's Law and the Software Stack (blog.jessfraz.com)
  28. Making crochet animation in Krita and Kdenlive (wolthera.info)
  29. Self-forgiveness for procrastinating can reduce future procrastination (2010) [pdf] (law.utexas.edu)
  30. Show HN: What's My Aircraft? (whatsmyaircraft.com)