Quiet Hacker News

  1. Google transferred ownership of Duck.com to DuckDuckGo (namepros.com)
  2. The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions (bloomberg.com)
  3. Grafana Loki: Like Prometheus, but for Logs (github.com)
  4. Write good Git commit message (juffalow.com)
  5. Comcast rejected by small town–residents vote for municipal fiber instead (arstechnica.com)
  6. ATDT relief (rachelbythebay.com)
  7. A Swiss Dress from the 16th Century (2015) (whiljascorner.wordpress.com)
  8. Archiving C64 Tapes Correctly (pagetable.com)
  9. Running FreeBSD on OS X using xhyve, a port of bhyve (dan.langille.org)
  10. “Diagram of All Space and Time” by Carl Sagan (1960s?) (loc.gov)
  11. Show HN: Writing a book in public (200wordsaday.com)
  12. Chaff Cloud That Lit Up Radars as It Drifted Across Midwest Remains a Mystery (thedrive.com)
  13. CEO&CO-Founder Style Lend (angel.co)
  14. Linux Kernel Developers Discuss Dropping X32 Support (phoronix.com)
  15. Thomas Cromwell: A Revolutionary Biography (nationalreview.com)
  16. How to Grow Software Architecture Out of Jupyter Notebooks (github.com)
  17. GitLab Serverless (about.gitlab.com)
  18. A thousand pounds of dynamite (magazine.atavist.com)
  19. For-Profit College Chain Closes, Shutting Out Nearly 20k Students (nytimes.com)
  20. Ways of seeing (1972) [video] (youtube.com)
  21. Google's 'two-tier' workforce training document (theguardian.com)
  22. Hokusai’s Ghost Stories (ca. 1830) (publicdomainreview.org)
  23. Securing Your Site Like It’s 1999 (24ways.org)
  24. DigitalOcean launches its container service (techcrunch.com)
  25. Employees at Amazon's New NYC Warehouse Launch Unionization Push (bloomberg.com)
  26. The Search for the “perfect” Advent Calendar (involves Python and Processing) (blog.jgc.org)
  27. Intel Unveils a Groundbreaking Way to Make 3D Chips (engadget.com)
  28. Tesla sues its alleged saboteur for $167M (engadget.com)
  29. Super Micro says review found no malicious chips in motherboards (reuters.com)
  30. Tumor-Specific Antigens from Way Out There (blogs.sciencemag.org)