Quiet Hacker News

  1. Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation (blog.danslimmon.com)
  2. Airlines are finally fixing the middle seat (fastcompany.com)
  3. In the Defense of Spaghetti Code (250bpm.com)
  4. Race Condition vs. Data Race (2011) (blog.regehr.org)
  5. Google AI Education Resources (ai.google)
  6. Human Side-Channels: Behavioral Traces We Leave (darkreading.com)
  7. Pure JavaScript WiFi QR Code Generator (qifi.org)
  8. Ambition (YC W14) Hiring Python/React Engineer in Tennessee (ambition.com)
  9. India Launches Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission on Second Try (nytimes.com)
  10. Shortcuts JS – Create Apple Shortcuts Using JavaScript (shortcuts.fun)
  11. The Australians making live music with computer code (abc.net.au)
  12. Click farms: a shadowy internet industry is booming in China (yahoo.com)
  13. How Computers Boot Up (2008) (manybutfinite.com)
  14. Dynamic Periodic Table (2017) (ptable.com)
  15. WASM Builds of the Z3 SMT Solver (github.com)
  16. The Best Magazine Articles Ever (2012) (kk.org)
  17. Anaxagoras Was Exiled for Claiming the Moon Was a Rock (smithsonianmag.com)
  18. Researchers Develop ‘Trojan Horse’ Drug That Tricks, Then Kills Cancer Cells (studyfinds.org)
  19. Programming as a medium for poorly understood, sloppily-formulated ideas (1967) [pdf] (github.com)
  20. Today I solved a twelve-year-old Outlook mystery (emails.hteumeuleu.com)
  21. Why the ‘Weird Internet’ of the GeoCities Era Had to Die (onezero.medium.com)
  22. Chaos in Hong Kong as hundreds of masked men assault protesters, journalists (hongkongfp.com)
  23. Show HN: Sinuous – Small, fast, reactive UI library (github.com)
  24. Quiet Hacker News (2017) (speak.sh)
  25. Building a Reflow Oven (whizoo.com)
  26. The Story of Metal Gear Solid’s English Translation (polygon.com)
  27. YouTube was launched as a dating site (web.archive.org)
  28. Self Compiling Compilers [video] (youtube.com)
  29. Great Oxidation Event (en.wikipedia.org)
  30. Browsers are pretty good at loading pages (carter.sande.duodecima.technology)