Quiet Hacker News

  1. OpenBSD unveil(2): Unveil parts of a restricted filesystem view (man.openbsd.org)
  2. Engineering a Hook That Could Make Drone Deliveries Real (wired.com)
  3. The Mythos of Model Interpretability in Machine Learning (queue.acm.org)
  4. Using a virus to kill what antibiotics can’t (arstechnica.com)
  5. Oral History of John Backus (2006) [pdf] (archive.computerhistory.org)
  6. The Tragedy at Tofino, B.C.: Inside the Sinking of Leviathan II (macleans.ca)
  7. How Sherry Became the Secret to Great Scotch (atlasobscura.com)
  8. Blue Origin successfully lands both booster and crew capsule after test launch (techcrunch.com)
  9. Jupiter has 10 more moons we didn't know about (nature.com)
  10. Build Android Apps in PicoLisp Without an Android SDK (picolisp.com)
  11. The only Maya city with an urban grid may embody a creation myth (archaeology.org)
  12. YC Startup School 2018: a free, 10-week, online course (blog.ycombinator.com)
  13. Timeline of the far future (en.wikipedia.org)
  14. Line Breaking (2014) (xxyxyz.org)
  15. Why punk keeps connecting people across space and time (huckmag.com)
  16. Cirq: A quantum programming library in Python (github.com)
  17. Show HN: GdbShellPipe – Pipe output of gdb commands to shell (github.com)
  18. Making an emperor bed (middleendian.com)
  19. Disney's movie dominance has a dark side, independent theatre warns (cbc.ca)
  20. Why the UK has so many words for bread (bbc.com)
  21. REST was Never about CRUD (tyk.io)
  22. Dissolving the Fermi Paradox (slatestarcodex.com)
  23. Scale API is hiring engineers to build human perception as a service (scaleapi.com)
  24. The Bugs in Our Mindware (2016) (nautil.us)
  25. The Effect of Sleep on Happiness (trackinghappiness.com)
  26. Prediction versus Accommodation (plato.stanford.edu)
  27. eBay Is Conducting a 'Mass Layoff' in the Bay Area (fortune.com)
  28. Oddball Galaxy Puts Dark Matter Theory to the Test (scientificamerican.com)
  29. Qt Creator 4.7.0 released (blog.qt.io)
  30. Zuckerberg defends Facebook users' right to be wrong – even Holocaust deniers (theguardian.com)