Quiet Hacker News

  1. Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal (thehill.com)
  2. Elixir on Google Cloud Platform and App Engine (cloud.google.com)
  3. Once seniors are too old to drive, our transportation system fails them (vox.com)
  4. China, Unhampered by Rules, Races Ahead in Gene-Editing Trials (wsj.com)
  5. Tiny, Wealthy Qatar Goes Its Own Way, and Pays for It (nytimes.com)
  6. The 10,000 Year Clock (longnow.org)
  7. Netflix is now worth more than $100B (techcrunch.com)
  8. Y Combinator is accepting applications for S18 (ycombinator.com)
  9. Flicks – A unit of time defined in C++ (github.com)
  10. Private landowners blocking access to public lands in the American West (theguardian.com)
  11. “Get Out of Jail Free” Cards in New York (marginalrevolution.com)
  12. 219 days of postmarketOS (postmarketos.org)
  13. Tesla ‘on Autopilot’ slams into parked fire truck on freeway (mercurynews.com)
  14. Waymo heads to Atlanta to test its self-driving cars (techcrunch.com)
  15. Experiences with running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes (gravitational.com)
  16. PyTorch, a year in (pytorch.org)
  17. Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth’s Start (quantamagazine.org)
  18. My Forgotten Language: the brain can lose and reclaim an abandoned mother tongue (discovermagazine.com)
  19. All Blizzard games vulnerable to DNS rebinding attack (bugs.chromium.org)
  20. Root Cause of Reboot Issue Identified; Updated Guidance (newsroom.intel.com)
  21. In-N-Out managers are earning a lot more than you think (medium.californiasun.co)
  22. The U.S. will impose duties on solar equipment and washing machines made abroad (bloomberg.com)
  23. Linus Torvalds: “Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons.” (lkml.iu.edu)
  24. Faster R-CNN: Down the rabbit hole of modern object detection (tryolabs.com)
  25. One Bitcoin miner is buying 20,000 16nm wafers from TSMC per month (dvhardware.net)
  26. Biotech booms in China (nature.com)
  27. The Evolution of Pleasure and Pain (nautil.us)
  28. One data scientist on the hype around artificial intelligence (2017) (builttoadapt.io)
  29. German Union Steps Up Fight for ‘Modern’ 28-Hour Workweek (industryweek.com)
  30. Coinbase booked $1B in revenue last year, has told hovering VCs to back off (recode.net)