Quiet Hacker News

  1. Lead-Free Solder Is Better for You (bhencke.com)
  2. Microsoft: Cloud services demand up, prioritization rules in place (zdnet.com)
  3. AWS Ground Station (aws.amazon.com)
  4. Grab your crayons, it’s coloring time (colorabl.es)
  5. Determining an Election in K (leahneukirchen.org)
  6. Sorting 1M 8-digit numbers in 1 MB of RAM (2012) (stackoverflow.com)
  7. Cellular Automata: Rule 30 fed as input to Conway’s Game of Life (2019) [video] (youtube.com)
  8. Show HN: Colors.lol – Overly descriptive color palettes (colors.lol)
  9. Show HN: From Markdown to Video (videopuppet.com)
  10. Return to Nib’s Knoll (2014) (aeon.co)
  11. ZipGrow: Vertical farming/urban agriculture system (shop.zipgrow.com)
  12. An Ancient Ballcourt in Oaxaca Expands a Sport’s Footprint (atlasobscura.com)
  13. DIY electronic leadscrew for metalworking lathe [video] (youtube.com)
  14. Heineken WOBO: A Beer Bottle That Doubles as a Brick (inhabitat.com)
  15. Chromatron Wi-Fi Pixel Controller (chromatron.io)
  16. Visual CSS Editor – Grab'n Go (cssbuilder.veliovgroup.com)
  17. SF Bar Owner to Yelp: ‘Fuck All of These People Entirely’ (sf.eater.com)
  18. People built bone circles at the edge of ice sheets (arstechnica.com)
  19. Hyman Rickover on Nuclear Reactor Designs (1957) [pdf] (ecolo.org)
  20. How to burn the most money with a single click in Azure (mijailovic.net)
  21. Radical Solutions (damninteresting.com)
  22. High-speed microscope captures fleeting brain signals (sciencedaily.com)
  23. Three-Domain System (en.wikipedia.org)
  24. The Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Smalltalk System [pdf] (www2.eecs.berkeley.edu)
  25. Show HN: Write.md – a shareable distraction-free Markdown editor (writemd.xyz)
  26. Show HN: ConvTools – generates Python code of conversions, aggregations, joins (github.com)
  27. Show HN: DNS Live on Handshake (live.ix)
  28. Turning Back the Clock on Aging Cells (nytimes.com)
  29. Show HN: Fdir – Faster Node.js glob alternative (github.com)
  30. Maza – Like Pi-hole but local and using your operating system (github.com)