Quiet Hacker News

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  18. Battle of the bulges: Have astronomers been wrong about spiral galaxies? (2019) (syfy.com)
  19. The Sounds of New York City, Circa 1920 (2013) (npr.org)
  20. 82nd Airborne unit told to use Signal or Wickr on government cell phones (militarytimes.com)
  21. All Sonos products will continue to work past May (blog.sonos.com)
  22. My fridge has an RFID chip in the water filter, so a generic filter doesn't work (twitter.com)
  23. Apple lawsuit tests if an employee can plan rival startup while on payroll (reuters.com)
  24. Lake Salagou was designed to drown the village of Celles, but never did (atlasobscura.com)
  25. The Automated Dungeon Master (technicshistory.com)
  26. NOAA Satellites Helped Save a Record 421 Lives in 2019 (noaa.gov)
  27. Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time (bbc.com)
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